Story Worksheets

Jumpstart Your Storytelling Journey

If you are a changemaker with a message and you are ready to learn to share your story in a way that reaches out and grabs any audience, this is for you!

By completing these exercises you will learn:

  • How your story is connected to deepening your impact as a leader. 
  • How to identify the core values within your life story. 
  • Steps to putting together a cohesive narrative that can move any audience to action. 
  • Who you want to impact with you story. 

 Our client Reshma Saujani sharing her story on the TED stage. 

"I am a big fan of Heather. She helped me dig deep into my own background in advance of my TED talk and identify the stories that made my speech a viral success." 

- Reshma Saujani, Girls Who Code

"Since my time with Million Person Project, I have spoken on national stages every month. Doors opened that I could not have imagined. One major win was being selected for the Nathan Cummings fellowship. It has been a beautiful ride that has helped me to see that I don't need anything more than myself, my story, my truth, in order to be boldly great in the world." 

-Jessica Norwood, Emerging Change Makers

"Working with the Million Person Project has been life-changing. The process led me to a level of self honesty that I didn’t know was waiting under the surface. I have stepped closer to understanding my own version of the meaning of life, and once there, it became that much easier to share and act from that place.”

-Caledonia Curry, known in the art world as Swoon. Guest teacher in our Story Academy 

“The Million Person Project represents the type of innovative approach needed to address the needs of the world community. The project is strengthening and expanding the global network of changemakers who are super-charging movements across the world.”  

- Van Jones, Founder of DreamCorps. Guest teacher in our Story Academy

About Us

We are Julian Mocine-McQueen and Heather Box and we are the co-founders of the Million Person Project (MPP), which is a global project about love, storytelling and connecting change makers. Through one-on-one coaching and our marquee stoy academy, MPP supports change makers to identify and own their personal stories and be able to powerfully share them as they relate to their work in the world.

We've worked with over 2,000 change makers from 69 countries and have spent a month on the ground in Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Uganda, Sweden and across the Pacific Islands. The storytellers we have worked with have gone on to speak at TED, United Nations, CNN, BBC, Feast For Good, and have presented keynote addresses across the world.

We understand that some of the most powerful voices for change in the world are not being heard. We are commited to working with you so you can use your voice and transform the world. 

 Are you ready to learn how to start telling your most authentic story so you can connect and move any audience you speak to? Get started with these exercises.